My Daily Tools

This is an overview of the tools I use daily both for work and personal productivity.


  • 2013 13.3 inch MacBook Pro- I have the older model because I still use the disc drive. I use this computer for school work, blogging, and media intake (music and movies).
  • iPhone 7- 128 gb. I keep a minimal setup. This is my main tool for photography, fitness tracking, social media, and wide contact with the world. I also have several devotional tools on my phone, as well.


  • Spiritual Journal and Book Notes- I keep a medium sized journal at all times. I use this journal for personal writing, devotional practice, and taking notes at church. A dot-grid Leuchtturm 1917 is the perfect journal for me. I use Moleskine cahier laser-etched notebooks from Missional Wear for sermon and lecture preparation and other creative work, as well.
  • Planning and Daily Journaling- I use a Baron Fig Confidant Dateless Planner with dot-grid paper to plan my weekly tasks. I also write a short paragraph about how my day transpired as both a record of my day and a log of my personal growth.
  • Pocket- I keep a Field Notes or Write Notepads pocket journal in my wallet for my daily to-do lists, quick form notes, brain dump, phone meetings, and remembering conversations.



  • Lamy Safari- a workhorse fountain pen with black cartridges and an extra-fine nib
  • Cross Bailey- an affordable fountain pen with a medium nib. I use it to write notes and postcards.

Pencils: *perhaps the tool I most love and most catch flack over*

  • Blackwing- I love the 602 and Pearl graphites. The volume editions are great commemorative pencils for people of history.
  • General’s Cedar Pointe- The 2HB is one of the greatest journaling pencils I have used.
  • Apsara- Absolute extra-dark is the best pencil, besides the Pearl, for writing in a journaling Bible or any book for that matter.
  • Palomino Imagine- This is a simple HB pencil offered in a variety of paint colors with no distracting branding on the barrel.
  • Palomino Golden Bear- Another simple blue pencil that is cheap with a great balance of darkness and point-retention.
  • These aren’t the only pencils I use, but they are highlights for me. If you would like to plunge with me into the pit that is pencils, check out The Erasable Podcast and Wood&Graphite on YouTube.

Bible and Devotional:

  • ESV Single-column journaling Bible leather flap with strap- This is my current daily carry. I have a post explaining how I use this Bible in my life.
  • NKJV Thinline Bible- My former daily carry I return to for my notes and occasional preaching.
  • NASB Thinline Reference Bible- My first Bible I got and used for cross-referencing and research writing.
  • ESV Prayer Bible- I have been using this Bible in my evening reading. It is a great source for reading the Scriptures and integrating the Bible into prayer.
  • ESV Study Bible- I have the “personal sized” edition. I use this for preliminary sermon research and book specific study.
  • Reformation Study Bible- This is a good Bible for leisure reading and family devotion/worship.
  • NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible- I have found this Bible to be a great help in crafting lessons for small group study and seeing the metanarrative of Scripture as it points to Jesus.
  • CSB Spurgeon Study Bible- Unlike the above mentioned study Bibles, this Bible integrates notes from Charles Spurgeon’s sermons and writings for a specifically devotional perspective. I have greatly enjoyed using this Bible since it was launched.